US President Barack Obama praises PM Narendra Modi for shaking India’s bureaucratic inertia


After describing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “man of action”, US President Barack Obama on Thursday praised Modi’s efforts to shake up the “bureaucratic inertia” in India.

However, Obama said that this is a long-term project and one would have to see how successful prime minister Modi is in his efforts.

“Modi has impressed me so far with his willingness to shake up the bureaucratic inertia inside of India. But that is a long-term project and we’ll have to see how successful he is,” Obama told a business roundtable, which was attended by top corporate leaders of the country.

The roundtable was organised to discuss the current economic condition of the US and across the globe.

Last month in Myanmar on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit, Obama in his brief interaction with Modi had told him that he is a “man of action”.

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