Avenewz attends Grand-opening of UCMAS Ellenbrook centre.


Last weekend, Avenewz Magazine’s (www.Avenewz.com.au) editor-in-chief and directors, Ved Tewari and Ratna Tewari, Avenewz editorial team along with Avenewz official marketing partner Australian Swan (www.AustralianSwan.com.au), were invited by Nancy Sirohi Principal, UCMAS Ellenbrook to attend the Grand-opening of UCMAS Ellenbrook centre. We would like to take this opportunity to Congratulate Nancy Sirohi Principal, UCMAS Ellenbrook for taking the initiative in bringing together a great event for the opening of UCMAS Ellenbrook Centre.

Very well done, Team UCMAS for your unconditional support to take the cause of kids education and brain training further. Honourable Councillor Patty Williams was present as a chief guest.

Nancy says;

“We were honoured to share her indefatigable spirit of working for the youth of our community and sharing our vision together. We had a bunch of enthusiastic parents willing to give it a go. Their presence was tremendously valuable.”

Let’s hear from UCMAS:

UCMAS is a whole brain development programme for normal children aged 4-13 years. It enhances lifetime skills such as concentration, creativity, listening and photographic memory, to name a few. It enables children to discover and bring out their hidden potential.

In the Initial stages, children are exposed to the ancient wonder tool, the “Abacus”. It successfully helps them remove any fear of arithmetic they may have and gradually makes arithmetic fun to learn.

Math is easy!
Of all the things we learn to do, math is one of the easiest mental processes that can be acquired. Most people, however, were never taught the simple techniques that can make learning Math so effortless that we can simply do it in our head. Once those techniques are mastered, we discover our own natural ability to quickly perform large calculations mentally.

At UCMAS, we teach your child how to use the Abacus and Mental Math techniques that will stay with your child long after they’ve completed the program. UCMAS is a gift to your child that will result in big rewards down the road. It enhances the quality of your child’s life.

UCMAS is the only abacus program that trains the students to use the left hemisphere of their brain (logical side) to manipulate the virtual abacus (image) on the right hemispheres (abstract side). This unique exercise fosters and strengthens the brain function in the following areas:
• Promotes one’s confidence in calculation
• Develops mental calculation, which is the ultimate resource
• Provides a sense of achievement as one’s proficiency increases
• Develops the right brain tremendously
• Leads to greater mental capacity
• Promotes Intuitive/ spontaneous thinking
• Enhances problem solving capability
• Greatly enhances creativity
• Improves memory capacity
• Improves concentration and mental endurance
To summarise, Mental Arithmetic training will help any child to retain knowledge better and become proficient in any subject, especially math. UCMAS program consists of ten levels. Level 1 is the Basic level, and level 10 is the most advanced. The training takes approximately 3 years to complete (each level is 3 months). Normally, dramatic improvement in math capability is evident after the first year, when the student has completed level 3 or 4 (Elementary B or Intermediate A).

Our centres are now open in following WA Suburbs.
• Canning Vale
• Carramar
• Darch
• Ellenbrook
• Joondalup
• Morley
• Riverton
• Victoria Park
• Westminster
• Winthrop

For more information:

Nancy Sirohi
Mobile: +61-401 231 756
Email: nancy.ellenbrook@ucmas.com.au

Web: www.ucmasaustralia.com.au,
Email: ucmaswa@ucmasaustralia.com.au
Auswide: 1800 20 22 30

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