SCOSA: A group of Indian origin Sanatanis have alighted the spiritual flame of Sanatana Dharma in South Australia

Author: Dr Prem Dwivedi, Vice President, SCOSA
Sanatana Dharma represents the most ancient culture of the Vedic civilization. It is a way of life. The Sanatana culture offers a logical and realistic way for humans of the world to live their life in harmony. It is said that about seven thousand years ago, only one culture existed in the entire world called Sanatana which was also known as Vedic culture. The followers of Sanatana Dharma lived their lives as described in Vedas. Vedas are the roots of Sanatana culture and written in the language of Sanskrit. However, people these days have limited knowledge and understanding of Sanskrit. Due to people’s inability to understand the teachings in Sanskrit, the knowledge of Sanatana Culture was nearly lost in our society. In recent times, the translation of Vedas into other languages including Hindi and English, has helped many around the world revisit the knowledge of Vedas. Electronic and print media are full of scholastic articles on Sanatana Culture. Humans around the world now can access all this information through different modes and therefore learn more about the Santana Dharma. This has resulted in the Sanatana Dharma gaining many followers.
Short History of SCOSA in South Australia.
The establishment of Sanatan Cultural Organization South Australia (SCOSA), an organization that educates people about Sanatana Culture was initiated in pre-covid times. SCOSA was created by like-minded people across South Australia who are of Indian descent and are from all over the globe including the countries India, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, and Kenya. This group initially began in 2019 with the continued efforts of Mr. Snehal Thaker during the pandemic. Mr. Thaker is an accountant by profession but same time he performs his duties as a popular Priest amongst people in Adelaide. He is relatable and has an effortless way of which he answers the questions that people ask him about Hindu Gods and the way one should carry themselves through their life.
During the pandemic period, Mr. Thaker contacted several people in Adelaide including Dr. Prem Dwivedi (Scientist), Mr. Amit Kumar (Engineer), Hiren Rupareliya
(Accountant), Manish Patel (Accountant), Piyush Rawal (IT Professional), Swapnil Dave (Behavior Support Specialist), Sanjay Dholiya (Leading Businessman) and Mitul Patel (Engineer). He requested a contribution to help with the idea to distribute grocery packages to Indian students who were struggling with finances during the pandemic in Adelaide. This was an idea that sparked a light amongst all these people, and they got together and were able to help deliver a much-needed service amongst the Indian student community. Helping others in their time of need is considered good karma in Sanatana Dharma and this is something that this group of people realized they wanted to continue to do, and a bond was created amongst them. The likeminded thinking of this group and want to spread good in the community, resulted in the birth of the Sanatana Cultural Organization of South Australia (SCOSA) which is based in Adelaide, South Australia. After a few meetings, SCOSA was formally founded in 2021.Since then, several cultural activities have begun and people along with their families, friend and other like- minded humans have started to discover this way of life called Sanatana.Here are some events that have taken place in Adelaide where our aim has been to educate all people about the Sanatana Dharma and how SCOSA is playing their part in spreading this way of life with all.
Ghar Ghar Shambhoo:
In July/August of 2022, the holy months of Sawan, team SCOSA started the Abhishek of Lord Shiva at the homes of devotees and named this project “Ghar Ghar Shambhoo”. The aim of this was to spread Lord Shiva’s teachings, create a bond between families and highlight the services that SCOSA provides. Pandit Snehal along with our “Shambhoo Abhishek Team” conducted the rituals and worship of Lord Shiva at more than 30 homes in the Sawan month and engaged with almost 200 families.
Kids For Cows:
As part of Kids for Cow campaign SCOSA will provide a money box for kids to Donate and contribute towards gaushala project upon request from the family. Kids can donate dollar a day which will help them understanding the value of “Danam” and enhance their knowledge about importance of Cow in Sanatan Dharma. It will help kids to realise that they are also a part of the big endeavor, and their contribution is valued.
Diwali Mela in October 2022:
This was an opportunity for SCOSA to partner with the Hindu Council of Australia- SA and have a booth displayed at the Mela to educate and present the ideas and missions of the SCOSA. With help of the president of the Hindu Council, Mr. Viral Jani, we were able to set up this booth and have hundreds of guests get to know more about our origination’s goals and plans. This event was a remarkable success with people leaving impressed after learning about our mission, plans and devotion to this cause.
Goddess Saraswati Panchami and our children:
Children are the world’s future and having them participate and learn about the Sanatana way of life is a steppingstone in guiding them on how they choose to live their life. The Goddess Saraswati is associated with knowledge, learning and the performing arts and Saraswati Panchami was the perfect occasion to get the children involved. SCOSA celebrated Saraswati Panchami in January 2023 where 66 children participated in the function. This was a terrific opportunity for these children to learn more about their spirituality and find their way to worship the goddess Saraswati under the guidance of Pandit Snehal Thaker. Children and their families really enjoyed their participation in this function and are now connected with SCOSA for what a lifetime is hopefully.
Har Ghar Hanumanta:
Lord Hanuman is known and worshipped by many all over the world. SCOSA started a program called “Har Ghar Hanumanta” where the Abhishek of Lord Hanuman Ji was to be performed at the homes of 108 devotees. Mr. Snehal Thaker made a spiritual visit to India and procured a statue of Lord Hanuman Ji made of ashtadhatu (12.5% of Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Lead, Zinc, Iron and Mercury). “Har Ghar Hanumanta” has taken off with tremendous love and has become an event that has been all the Tuesdays in 2023 booked out, with bookings to have this session performed at people’s homes now being made in the year of 2024. Lord Hanuman Ji is giving an enormous amount of strength to the team of “Har Ghar Hanumanta” to complete 108 Abhishek at the homes of devotees in Adelaide and spread his blessings.
SCOSA expanding with like-minded people:
Adelaide is well known as the city of Churches and has the fragrance of multiculturalism that positively influences the settlement of residents in Adelaide. Indians who have migrated from different countries approached us to know more about Sanatana Culture and its activities so that they can participate in the cultural activities. We did our introductory meeting with a broader group of volunteers of SCOSA on the 17th of March 2023 in Adelaide and it was a remarkable success. SCOSA has ignited a little flame in the hearts of people so that they can live their spiritual life with the principles that Sanatana Dharma teaches, along with their professional careers in the beautiful continent of Australia. Our Facebook links and other links to SCOSA are mentioned below.
Please take a moment to discover and connect with us.
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Core Team of SCOSA:
Snehal Thaker, Dr Prem Dwivedi, Amit Kumar, Hiren Rupareliya, Manish Patel, Piyush Raval, Himanshu Patel, Sanjay Dholiya, Swapnil Dave, Mitul Patel and Sunny Prajapati
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