Rail Budget: Slew of passenger amenities announced


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Thursday announced a slew of passenger facilities in his maiden budget including user-friendly ladders to mount upper berths to increasing lower-berth quota for senior citizens.

The other amenities are:

** Unreserved ticket purchase made simpler through smart phones, debit cards

** Introduction of ‘Operation Five Minutes’ to ensure that a passenger travelling unreserved can purchase a ticket within five minutes

** Introduction of 17,000 bio-toilets in trains

** Surveillance cameras on select mainline and ladies compartments

** All India 24 X 7 helpline 138 from March 1; Toll free No.182 – for security complaints

** All newly-manufactured coaches to be braille-enabled

** Online booking for wheel chairs to be enabled

** Wi-Fi facility to be extended to category B stations

** SMS alerts to be introduced to inform passengers in advance about the updated arrival/ departure time of trains at starting or destination stations

** New department to keep stations clean

** Toilets at stations need improvement; 650 additional toilets to be created in addition to 120 last year

** Rs.120 crore provided for lifts and escalators to facilitate movement of passengers and goods

** Collaboration with NIFT and NID for better bed rolls, inner coach designs

** For the benefit of the soldiers, a Defence Travel System has been developed for elimination of warrants to make travel easier. This facility has been commissioned in 600 locations.

**To expand water vending machines to most railway stations to ensure availability of clean drinking water at very low cost to people

**The facility of self-operated lockers would also gradually be made available at stations

**TTEs would be instructed to help senior citizens, pregnant women and differently-abled people in obtaining lower berths

**Middle bay of coaches will be reserved for women and senior citizens for reasons of safety

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