Poems by ‘Silpika Kalita’ written for Avenewz News Australia :



When the water meets the land, takes the contours of the wetlands, though intricate ecological

system, are vital to our bare sustenance,

The utopian marshlands are among the world’s most productive biological systems!
They enhance the ground water & prolific ambience ,creates recourse to biological diversity,
To shower bliss to the countless species of plants and animals in its lap for survival;
In embodiments of swamps, marshes, lakes, lagoons, billabongs, mudflats, mangroves, coral reefs,

bogs, fens and peatlands,

Who can deny their significance for ameliorating water quality, mitigating floods and pollutants?
Having genisis in aboriginal, provides relentless ranges of environmental, social, economic services.
Flood, soil saturation, fertility, natural disturbances, herbivory, salinity & burials, determinants of its

distinct vegetative system.

Misfortune is looming large for the mankind as unwanted intervention has taken the soul of the

prolific land!

Intellectual blasphemy touches the core as sustainable goal has no substitute without the marshy


By releasing vegetatives to the water, wetlands counteracts the human effects by rejuvenating

riverine components!

Truely unique, incomparable, the quagmires of marshlands are crucial for survival of ecological


An analogy like kidneys, due to it’s immense cleansing benefits for controlling the flow of water


The ability to recycle nutrients from debris , makes them vital for endangered species existence!
What’s more, by washing away the river sediments, it’s topography pays homage to the deltas &


Why not join hands in unison to revive the victims of avarice and gluttony, the moribund wetlands!


Assistant Commissioner/ Executive Magistrate
Contemplation of Silpika@ solitude

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