Pinterest reveals the biggest home and lifestyle trends for 2017


Pinterest reveals the biggest home and lifestyle trends for 2017

Eco-chic is in

According to Pinterest, in 2017 our home design choices will be driven by eco-consciousness, which will inform everything from how we use energy at home, to using reclaimed and recycled materials.

Forget perfection, as next year will be all about a homemade, self-made, ramshackle farmhouse style, which continues the idea of the Danish trend of “Hygge” (the concept of living simply). Trust us, you’ll want to sign up for a pottery making course with all the handmade ceramics in your Pinterest feed.

Navy is the new black

The moody black-toned kitchens and bedrooms that filled our Pinterest boards this year (and even made an appearance during the last series of The Block will be replaced with chic navy tones. Whites will be replaced with softer, natural tones which as greens, and off-white shades.

Pinterest also predicts texture and volume will be on trend for 2017. Think: cracked natural marble wallpaper and multi-dimensional artworks.


New technologies that improve our urban lifestyle and bring city dwellers closer to the outdoors will continue to develop into the new year, including wearable fitness technology.

Urban gardening

There’ll be more inspiration than ever to start an urban greenhouse on your balcony, or grow a tiny woodland-theme garden from your courtyard pots

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