Malaika replaces Sushmita Sen


Actress Sushmita Sen previously supposed to be the showstopper at the Dhaka fashion show but at the last moment she was replaced by Malaika Arora Khan.
A source informed, “Sushmita had asked for Rs 50 lakh, which the organisers could not afford. So, they approached Malaika to be the showstopper and she agreed to do it for Rs 10 lakh.”
However, at the end of the show, the show organizers were left disappointed Malaika spent barely two minutes with the fans after the show. Her team asked them to stop clicking pictures and she just got up and left, a source informed.
When contacted Malaika did agree to the fact that she didn’t spend time with the crowds but her reason was well justified. “I met my fans and was asked to leave due to security issues. They (organisers) couldn’t control the crowds,” she reasoned.

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