Lolo Jones slams ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


Athlete Lolo Jones has slammed erotic romantic drama film “Fifty Shades of Grey”, saying people should boycott the movie because it glamourises unholy sex.

“Funny how some people think there’s nothing wrong with 50 shades of Grey. God didn’t create sex for that purpose. Watch another movie,” the 32-year-old posted on Twitter Tuesday about the Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan-starrer, reports

Jones, who’s also a devout Evangelical Christian further explained that the film’s hypersexual plot can make people feel that sex for pleasure is the answer to emotional pain.

“Some ppl medicate pain by being more and more physical to where if they are ever alone they can’t feel any peace,” Jones wrote.

The tweet is in direct contrast to the views of football player Russell Wilson, another devout Christian, who found the film “great”.

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