Lifestyles for Kids


The emphasis is on having fun whilst maintaining discipline and encouraging children to be active both physically and socially. Lifestyle for Kids offers an opportunity for kids to experience different activities in the same safe environment, surrounded by familiar faces.  Lifestyle for Kids also offers parents a social outlet with like-minded people.  Many strong family friendships have been forged at Lifestyle for Kids and it is no coincidence that many of our staff started out with us in kinder, and loved it so much they are now Birthday party staff, Dance assistants, and we love them!


Lifestyle for Kids is exactly that – a community and family based school and a large part of many families, parents and kids lifestyles. A place to learn and grow through movement and fun, in physical social activities that provide skills and confidence that will last a lifetime.  Come and be part of the Lifestyle for Kids community and see for yourself what a difference it makes to your family, and most importantly your kids.


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