Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe vows never to wage war again in Pearl Harbor visit


Shinzo Abe makes a solemn promise as he joins the US President in a highly symbolic visit to the Hawaiian site of Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese Prime Minister has joined US President Barack Obama on an historic visit to Pearl Harbor.

Shinzo Abe honoured those who lost their lives and promised that Japan would never again wage war on another country.

During an evocative speech Mr Abe said “We must never repeat the horrors of war again. This is the vow we the people of Japan have taken.”

Speaking alongside the memorial over the sunken battleship USS Arizona, he said: “To the souls of the servicemen who lie in eternal rest aboard the USS Arizona and to the American people and to all the people around the world, I pledge that unwavering vow here as the Prime Minister of Japan.”

Japanese forces attacked the US fleet in their Hawaii base of Pearl Harbor in December 1941, killing 2,400 service personnel.

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