Is the secret of Goddess Durga hidden in our DNA?


What is Mitochondrial DNA? The Maternal Inheritance of Energy

In the fields of science and spirituality, there are often fascinating interconnections, where the physical world and the supernatural world meet in harmony. One such fascinating confluence can be found in the study of mitochondrial DNA, the powerhouse of our cells, and its connection with the divine feminine energy celebrated in Sanatana Dharma through the worship of Nava Durga. While the science behind mitochondrial DNA inheritance is rooted in biology, it provokes reflection about the symbolism of women as a source of energy.

Dr. Prem Dwivedi Scientist Adelaide Australia and Vice President Sanatan Cultural Organisation of South Australia (SCOSA), Adelaide, Australia

Mr. Snehal Thaker, President Sanatan Cultural Organisation of South Australia (SCOSA), Adelaide, Australia

Dr. Ritesh Mishra, Dentist, Lucknow, India


The Powerhouse within Mitochondria

Mitochondria are small, double-membrane organelles found in the cells of our body. These remarkable structures are often referred to as the “powerhouses” of our cells because they play a significant role in the production of energy needed for body functions. Mitochondria produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that stores and transfers energy. This process is important for sustaining life and ensuring that our body can perform its various functions.

What makes mitochondrial DNA particularly fascinating is that it is inherited exclusively from the mother. Unlike nuclear DNA, which contains genetic material from both parents, mitochondrial DNA is passed only through the maternal lineage. This unique mode of inheritance has aroused both scientific curiosity and a connection to God, as it reflects the vital role of woman in many spiritual traditions.

Nava Durga: Divine Feminineness

In Sanatan Dharma, Nava Durga or nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped during the festival of Navratri. These powerful and revered deities represent distinct aspects of the divine feminine energy. Each form of Durga symbolizes different qualities ranging from strength and courage to purity and supremacy.

The connection between mitochondrial DNA and Nava Durga is rooted in the concept of women being the source of energy, just as mitochondria are the Powerhouse of cellular energy. Goddesses are celebrated for their role in sustaining and nourishing life, just as mitochondria maintain and power our cells. The parallel can be considered a symbolic reflection of the science of mitochondrial DNA inheritance, underscoring the idea that women are indeed a source of vital energy in our world.

Metaphor and reality

While the comparison between the relationship between mitochondrial DNA and the divine feminine remains elusive, it provides a captivating perspective. The celebration of Gods and Goddesses in Sanatan Dharma reminds us of the strength, power, and nurturing qualities inherent in women. Her unique role in transmitting mitochondrial DNA, the essential energy source for our cells, reflects the symbolism of Nava Durga as the preserver and sustainer of life.

In both science and spirituality, we find beauty in the interconnectedness of life, the universe, and our existence. Mitochondrial DNA and Nav Durga are reminders of the powerful and awe-inspiring forces that shape our world both in the physical realm and in the realm of faith and devotion. It is a testament to the complex wisdom where science and spirituality meet, reinforcing the profound importance of women as not only carriers of life but protectors of the energy of life.

The essence of the matter is that Mitochondrial DNA may play a pivotal role in the manifestation of the Navadurga form, the empowerment of women, and the advancement of women’s rights.

It is plausible that Mitochondrial DNA is the primary driver behind the success of women’s empowerment today.

The existence of women today is quite progressive. Behind this progress, by imitating every form of Navadurga form, today women have established their progressive society through mitochondrial DNA. These nine forms of Durga or mother are the nine rules for the ideal progress of a strong women society or rather an ideal progressive society.

Today’s progressive society can also call these nine rules as nine skills. People who believe in Sanatan Dharma envisioned the Navadurga form of women goddess which include.


The first mother is Shailputri.

Because of her birth in the Himalayas, the mother was called Shailputri. Mother Shailputri is worshiped for wealth, employment, and health. Shailputri teaches that for success in life, first the intentions should be strong and unwavering like a rock.

The second form of mother is Brahmacharini.

Brahmacharini means one who follows the conduct prescribed by Brahma. Which leads to the attainment of Brahma. The direct meaning of Brahma is only universal truth which always remains with restraint and rules.

The form of the third mother is Chandraghanta.

One cannot experience peace along with success in life unless there is a feeling of satisfaction in the mind. Anyone who is looking for self-welfare and peace should worship Mother Chandraghanta and should imbibe this rule in his progress.

The fourth form of mother is Kushmanda Maa.

This goddess removes fear. Fear is the biggest difficulty in the path of success. One who wants to live a happy life free from all kinds of fears, should imbibe this rule of Goddess Kushmanda.

The fifth form is of Skanda Mata.

She is the giver of power. For success, it is necessary to have both the accumulation of power and the ability to create. This form of Mother teaches and provides this.

Mother Katyayani is the sixth form.

She is the goddess of health. Success can never be achieved with disease and a weak body. To achieve one’s destination, it is important for the body to remain healthy. Those who want freedom from disease, grief and sorrow should follow this rule of Goddess Katyayini.

Kalratri is the seventh form of mother.

This form teaches us to forget the difference between day and night for success. Only the one who wants to move ahead without stopping and getting tired can reach the pinnacle of success.

The eighth form of the goddess is Mahagauri.

Gauri means Parvati, Mahagauri means the most excellent form of Parvati. This rule of Mahagauri is worshiped to get rid of the dark cover of one’s sinful deeds and to make the soul pure and clean again.

The ninth form of mother is Siddhadatri.

This goddess is the origin of all achievements. Devi Purana says that Lord Shiva attained many achievements from this form of Goddess. This goddess is worshiped for every kind of success. Siddhi means efficiency if there is efficiency and good manners in work then success becomes easy.

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