Hon. Ian Britza (MLA), interviewed by Ved Tewari (Avenewz Magazine) at Western Australian Parliament.


Why did you prefer to be a Parliamentarian?

I wanted to be a Member of Parliament to make a difference. I have a strong social conscience, and if it is legal, and it is right, that is simply what needs to be done.

What kind of personality inspires you?

A man of character whose words can be trusted.

What do you want to convey to your constituents?

I want to convey to my constituents that I am a Member of Parliament WHO CARES.

What is your passion?

My passion is my family.

Five words you do not want to have in your vocabulary?

Double mindedness, Insincerity, Uncaring, Unbelievable & Doubt.

How can we control unemployment and recession?

Principled Leadership will bring Australia out of a recession, homelessness and the financial issues that are always faced by a Government.

What kind of person do you have an extreme respect for?

A man who keeps his word and who is faithful to his wife.

Do you like sports, if yes, then which ones?

I was a very good soccer player when I was a young boy. As a teenager, I played Australian Rules Football and played in the NSW state team. I followed my local team “East Perth”. As I have grown older I now enjoy watching cricket.

What’s the success mantra?

The poorest of all men is the man who cannot DREAM. So if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

What was the most important day of your life?

The day my wife Penny came into my life and my wedding day.

One word for your family?


What are you most proud of?

I am proud of my three boys. All my boys are good men. My father told me that you judge a man by how he treats women. So, I trained my boys to be honourable and courteous to women. All a woman has to do is look at her man and see how he talks and treats his mother; and know that the same is coming for her too.

What’s the best way you could end this session?

I would say – Giving genuine hope to people that there are Members of Parliament who care, but you must find them.

What was your experience in India?

I have travelled all over the world but would like to take a moment to share about my recent trip to Punjab. Meeting Indian people in their own territory was a beautiful experience and I would have to say that I have never seen so much contentment and I’m sure we need this contentment in our Western culture. This is the contentment I’d like to bring to my Electorate. I was treated like a Prince. My ignorance was hit hard. My eyes were opened to see the Technological advancement was ahead of Australia. A motorbike/bicycle factory I visited, manufactures more than 20000 bikes a day. I visited a textile factory ½ mile long and there were at least 5 of these in length. I visited a factory in Kapurthala built on 1200 acres land, where they manufacture Railway Carriages for Canada, Germany, etc. I am a musician who owns a grand piano and I was amused seeing the Auditorium in the middle of nowhere. All credit goes to Mr Jim Seth for introducing me to these businesses. Primarily we went because we wanted to build the relationship between WA and Punjab. WA doesn’t have a sister state. We wanted to conduct a feasibility study about the same considering Punjab state.

Message for Readers of Avenewz

Avenewz is a great magazine. You should keep reading it. I love reading it and the one with Mr Modi on the cover page is on my office desk. I admire Mr Modi and loved to read all about him. I would like to appreciate the good work done by Mr Ved Tewari and his team in publishing a quality Western Australian Magazine which is free for community people. If you miss a copy, read it online. I would also like to thank Ratna Tewari & Ved Tewari for coming to Parliament House to conduct this interview and I wish them the very best in their career and life!

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