Indrani Mukherjea Arrested, Peter Mukherjea Shocked !


MUMBAI: A day after the arrest of his wife Indrani Mukherjea, former Star India Chief Peter Mukherjea told NDTV that he was “dumbstruck” and also shocked that the young woman she is accused of killing was her daughter, not sister.

Sheena Bora, who was Indrani Mukherjea’s daughter from a previous marriage, was murdered in 2012 and her body was dumped in the forests of Raigad, 84 km from Mumbai. On Tuesday, Mumbai police chief Rakesh Maria questioned her for hours and then arrested her.

“I never took the rumours (that Sheena was his wife’s daughter) seriously when I heard them four years ago, but now it is coming from credible sources, the police,” Peter Mukherjea told NDTV.

Sheena was said to be 24 when she was killed. Her brother Mikael has reportedly said that he had no clue his sister was dead, that he had been told all this time that she was working abroad.

The police say no missing complaint was filed by Ms Mukherjea when her daughter disappeared.

On Tuesday, Ms Mukherjea, the co-founder of the company that later became 9X Media, was questioned by a team led by Mumbai police chief Rakesh Maria for hours.

Ms Mukherjea’s role in the murder was allegedly revealed by her driver, who was arrested a few days ago on a tip-off. He reportedly directed the police to the spot where the remains of Sheena Bora’s body were found.

Sheena and her brother were reportedly raised by their grandparents in Guwahati. After college, Sheena had started living and working in Mumbai.

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