Important to modernise defence forces: Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said it was important to modernise India’s defence forces and increase preparedness.

Inaugurating the 10th edition of the Aero India 2015 here, Modi said: “We do need to increase our defence preparedness. We do have to modernise our defence forces.”

“We have to equip ourselves for the needs of the future, where technology will play a major role,” he said.

Describing it as the “largest ever” Aero India, Modi said it reflected a “new level of confidence within our country and global interest in India”.

He added it was a “mega meeting” of one of the largest global supply chains with the most advanced technology and complex equipment.

Modi said the government was focusing on developing India’s defence industry with a sense of “mission”.

“This is why it is at the heart of the Make in India programme,” he said.

“Have introduced significant reforms in our offsets policy. I am acutely aware that it still needs a lot of improvements. Will pursue them,” he added, while also expressing confidence that India would emerge as a “major global centre for defence industry”.

“A strong Indian defence industry will not only make India more secure, it will also make India more prosperous,” he said.

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