Famous Gir sanctuary’s oldest lion in wild, Ram, dies


Ram, the oldest surviving lion in the tourism zone of Gir sanctuary, died of great age. The creature was 16 years old. Ram, along with his brother Shyam, had been staying in the tourism zone since 2009. The two had been categorised as the most photographed lions by visitors.

Usually, a lion loses lordship of a nation – it usually happens in about three years – but Shyam and Ram could not be displaced for nearly seven years. Several efforts were made by rivals to drive away the two, but all such efforts failed. Of late, two brothers,  Kaviraj and Raviraj, who had come to the area from the Devaliya side, had partially taken over the territory.

Chief conservator of forests, AP Singh, said that after Ram’s death, the forest department had put the area under inspection.

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