Bigg Boss: Karishma provokes Rahul Mahajan


On the second day of the luxury budget task, ‘Bigg Boss ka Call Center’ the roles will be reversed. Challengers are now at the receiving end and the customers now being portrayed by the

With the tables turning around, the Champions are out to avenge the demeaning and insulting comments hurled at them by the irate Challengers. In spite of having a low tolerance in the house, the Champions managed to keep a calm nerve while they were at the receiving end. But they now prepare to vent out their bitterness at the challengers.

The champions are well versed with the tricks of this game show, as they have survived for over 3 months in this house while the Challengers have been specialists of the show during their respective

seasons. They now know how and when to provoke each other after learning the details about their lives and what would trigger the housemate to lose their calm. Keeping this in mind, Karishma decides to take on Rahul Mahajan by calling him at the Call Center and hurling harmful insults in his direction hoping to coax him to lose the task.

Will the Challengers give-in to the pressure of the Champions? And will they emerge victorious in this test of restraint and nerve? To find out more, watch Bigg Boss – Halla Bol

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