At OnePlus 8T launch OnePlus takes a dig at Apple iPhone 12, shows 65W charger in the box


While launching OnePlus 8T, OnePlus highlighted that its phone will come with a 65 charger, taking a dig at Apple that is now shipping phones without a charger in the box.
Coming just a day after the iPhone 12 launch, where Apple revealed it will no longer bundle a charger with its phones, OnePlus at the OnePlus 8T launch tried to piggy-back on it for some fun. While unveiling the OnePlus 8T, the company showed a scene in which the OnePlus 8T charger is coming out of the phone’s box. And then just to ensure that viewers get the message, the company explained it.

An OnePlus executive while explaining the specifications and features of the smartphone laid special emphasis on the fact that the OnePlus 8T comes with a 65W charger inside the box. Explaining the capabilities of the charger, the OnePlus executive said, “Even though it costs us twice to manufacture as our previous power adapter when you buy the OnePlus 8T, don’t worry, we will throw it in the box for free.”

OnePlus unveiled its flagship device OnePlus 8T on October 14, a day after Apple launched its new range of iPhones. While Apple launched four new iPhones and a HomePod Mini, OnePlus launched its fourth device of the year along with OnePlus Buds Z.

Just to give you some more context: Apple iPhone 12 line-up is shipping without a charger or EarPods inside the box. Not just that, Apple is also removing the charger and earphones from the existing iPhones. So, if you buy the iPhone 11 now, you will not get the new charger unless you end up getting a unit that was shipped before this announcement was made.

The Apple move has garnered mixed reactions from the fans. The Cupertino-giant had announced during the event that it will not include a charger or EarPods inside the box and make it slimmer on environmental grounds. Chargers and earphones bundled with phones often add to the e-waste. Most people already have a charger and a pair of earphones, and the new ones mostly lie unused. While Apple has its reasons, it has not gone down well with all Apple fans.

And it gave an opportunity to OnePlus that took a subtle dig at Apple. It highlighted that the OnePlus 8T, which costs Rs 42,999, will come with a 65W warp charger but the iPhone 12 Pro Max with its price of Rs 1,29,000 will not.

Apple iPhone 12 series phones come with a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. If users already don’t have a charger, they will have to buy one and Apple is selling a power brick for Rs 1900 on its Online Store in India. The price of the charger has been reduced after Apple made the announcement on October 14.


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