Article by Rashi Handa


My thoughts sprinkled on paper …
Back home in India I never thought I’d move across continents and that too all the way to Western Australia…Perth, specifically. But this move (thanks to my marriage) has changed me for the better. And a few things that I’ve learned have had a profound effect on me.
One I’ve accepted myself for who I am. Silly seems the thought right? How can you be anyone but your own self…sadly, that’s not how people always are! It wasn’t until I moved here and had the opportunity to be a new self that I realized I liked being the old me. A lot. I’d tried on a few variations of me, but it never felt honest. So I decided to be myself. And trust me it works. All I needed to do was accepting myself.
Second…don’t ever stop dreaming. I came across this phrase the other day ‘ Dream the Impossible Dream’. Pretty straightforward and easy to understand these few words strung together in a sentence. But, on a deeper thought, there’s more to it. At least my over active brain seemed to think so! I dream and my dreams are a myriad range of possibilities, impossibilities, desires, wants, fulfilment, achievements that I’d want to put my stamp on and the list goes on…. never ending right!!! And that’s what makes us all so unique and similar at the same time.
Third, enjoy the new beginnings. The past is done and over with, it’s finite, easier to reflect on. Yet, the future holds so much more, the ups and downs, the smiles and frowns, success and failure. It’s exciting with infinite opportunities and so many doors to knock on and start afresh. That’s the beauty of it, so embrace it.
Fourth is being optimistic. Just keep at it no matter whatever your objective is. As long as you don’t give up, aren’t afraid of a few falls and mistakes hang on to your goal. Trying never hurt and hard work pays.
Lastly, Believe. Believe in yourself, your choices, and your decisions. As long as you do that, there’s nothing stopping you from conquering your dream and turning it into a reality. See every day in a new light. Be patient. And live life on your terms.
Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be #Fanny Brice.

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