​EXPEDITION, The Band : Celebrating success

Avenewz Magazine, being a Media Partner and Avenewz Marketing Partner, AustralianSwan (www.AustralianSwan.com.au) got an invitation to attend recent event, called Bollybeats, hosted by Expedition. The performances by Expedition team were simple superb. Looks like the future is bright. Avenewz extends best wishes and congratulate the Expedition team for the show, they put together.
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Expedition, The Band (Perth, WA)
Formed in early 2014, unlike most bands, who start in a garage, we started in a living room with just one guitarist and vocalist. The numbers started growing and expectations were transformed into an Expedition, a journey to play music for lifetime. We perform popular Bollywood music and English songs, however we try to twist the beat and add a little funk to it.
​Expedition performed at various community festivals and outdoor events, to name a few was Diwali (festival of light) organised by ISWA, Pakistan Day organised by PAWA, New Year’s Event organised by ISWA and recently in Bollybeats organised by Expedition the Musical Journey Pty Ltd.
Bollybeats was a recent event hosted by Expedition the Musical Journey Pty Ltd, the event took place at City of Melville-Main Hall on 29th of Aug and showcased Bollywood Music live band-Dance-Dinner and DJ for Perth Audience.

The following performers contributed towards the entertainment:

1. Expedition Band
2. Gurpreet Singh (NAAD – The Divine Rhytm) – Musical Act
3. Madras Masala Choreographed by Amutha Kumarasamy – Dance
4. Tap dance by Jason Kunhe from All About dance Company – Tap Dance
5. Brendan Burns from Zou Rock Crew – Free style Hip Hop
6. Rangeela Divas, Choreographed by Kanegi – Dance
7. DJ by Harj from Nack Roadshow – DJ
8. Special thanks to singer Zita from Hongkong, Sid and AAtri and Mohit from Perth

We will continue to organi​se more live band shows for Perth audience.

The group consist of following people
Mayur – Male Lead singer
Charan – Female Lead singer
Ali – Lead Guitarist
Jason – Lead Guitarist
Tarun – Lead Guitarist
Malik – Keyboard
David – Drums
Jagdeep – Volunteer
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